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Neil Halliday from Mortgage Advice Centre discusses the role of a Mortgage Broker and provides an introduction to the company.

What is the role of a Mortgage Broker?

The main task is to ensure the client is able to get a good deal on their mortgage. It’s the biggest purchase that most people are ever going to make, and the difference between lenders could potentially be thousands of pounds, rather than tens of pounds.

Another part of the role is to oversee the process to ensure it proceeds as smoothly as possible. Buying a property can be very stressful, so our aim at the Mortgage Advice Centre is to reduce that stress as far as possible and support the client throughout the process until completion.

What is the difference between going to a Mortgage Broker and your local high Street bank?

Many people approach the high street bank that they bank with, however, if you do choose this method, it’s impossible to know if they are going to be offering you the best deal. You can also use a computer to try and work through all the deals from all the lenders, taking into consideration fees, charges, etc, but that’s going to take you a very long time, as there are literally hundreds of Mortgage Lenders available at any one time in the UK.

However you select a lender, you will set up an initial meeting with them and they will take you through a lot of questions, such as your name, where you live, how long have you been there for, your contact details, your job, your income etc. If, after all that, it turns out that they are unable to offer you a mortgage, all of that effort has been wasted and you then need to find a different lender to approach, to start from scratch.

Alternatively, if you speak to us at the Mortgage Advice Centre, we would go through and build up a picture of your circumstances once, and you’ll never have to go for those questions again. We’re doing the research on your behalf, as we’ve got special software that allows us to search all the available deals,to find the right one for you. This is a huge time saver for the client.

What services do you offer as a Mortgage Broker?

Predominantly they consist of taking client details down and putting mortgage applications in on their behalf. but, there’s a lot more to it than that. One of the most important things we talk about with the client is protecting the mortgage, because it’s important to think about what happens if something goes wrong. We make sure that the client is suitably protected, so they never lose their home.

If you have a mortgage, and don’t have protection in place, get in touch as soon as possible as it’s really important that you have that conversation to make sure that you protect yourself and your family.

Another very important part of what we do in the process of buying a property, is to communicate with the professionals involved, for example estate agents and solicitors and the lender. We act as a vital connection between those people, so if you need to chase up a valuation or a question from the solicitors, we can help with that. We can also sort out any impasse between a lender and the solicitor, to help smooth the process .

If you’re a First Time Buyer, we can also have a general chat about how much you could afford. For people who already have a mortgage, we can review your mortgage with the potential to find another lender to meet your needs more closely. We can also provide advice on Buy to Let properties either for a new mortgage or remortgage.

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Our key aims are to fully understand what you are looking to achieve, create a solution tailored to your needs, deliver results through an excellent service and build a relationship for life.

When should I see a Mortgage Broker?

Whenever you start thinking about the house buying process, get in touch with us, because we can have a chat as soon as you start thinking about what you want to try and achieve. We don’t want anybody to feel that calling might be wasting time, it’s never too early in the thought process to get in touch with us, it’s not a problem.

If there are people who have missed a few credit card payments or missed loan payments and problems with furlough or have a more serious issue such as a County Court Judgement, get in touch. We have a wide range of lenders who will consider all of those circumstances, so no matter what the situation is, we can have a chat and let you know exactly what your options are.

Mortgage Advice Centre is based in Newcastle, can you help people further afield as well?

We can help clients all over the North East, and with new technology we can help anybody anywhere in the country online. We’ve got processes set up to be able to see clients on Zoom or Skype, so really, if you’re anywhere in the UK, and looking to buy a property, we’ll be happy to help you.

Why is Newcastle a popular location to live and buy property?

In Newcastle, one that everyone talks about is the nightlife, but we’ve also got lots of restaurants, music venues and shops. There are also great transport links, with just three hours on the train to Kings Cross and an International Airport. There’s also the Northumberland coast and the Lake District, so it’s a fabulous part of the country, which is very well situated. So Newcastle has a little bit for everyone.

When was Mortgage Advice Centre founded?

We’ve been around for over twenty years, and those within the organisation have been around for a lot longer. There’s probably hundreds of years of experience between our staff, so we are knowledgeable about mortgages, protection, and familiar lenders and their criteria. We’ve got contacts within local estate agents and solicitors as we’ve been around such a long time.

The key thing for people who are listening is just to get in touch. If there’s something you want to find out, we offer understandable and sensible advice. The other top priority is to have that conversation about protection, to ensure you look after your family and your loved ones.


Mortgage Broker Newcastle

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Mortgage Broker Newcastle