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What is an NHS Mortgage and who is eligible?

‘NHS Mortgage’ is a searched term, however there are no specific mortgage products aimed exclusively at NHS staff. If you hear ‘NHS Mortgages’ referred to, it is probably in relation to the special deals offered by some Mortgage Lenders to certain NHS employees, on their existing range of mortgage options?

Do NHS workers get discounts on Mortgages?

As an employee of the NHS, you have the potential to receive discounts on some types of mortgage. This will depend on the role that you carry out within the NHS and the individual lender, as not all will offer the same deals and it’s by no means a guarantee.

NHS clinical staff usually qualify for special offers if they work in any of the following organisations:

  • NHS GP Surgeries
  • NHS Ambulance Trust
  • NHS Direct
  • The Health Protection Agency
  • Mental Healthcare and Social Care Trusts
  • NHS Primary Care and other Care Trusts
  • The National Blood Transfusion Service
  • Dental practices with NHS status

If this applies to you, please get in touch and we could be able to recommend those lenders who offer discounts and reduced interest rates. More often than not, it’s independent Mortgage Lenders who offer this type of deal, as it’s rare to find with a high street lender. Unfortunately, offers are not available to all NHS employees; and those who work as medical, administrative or housekeeping staff are not usually eligible.

Am I eligible for the NHS Key Worker Mortgage Scheme?

The Key Worker Mortgage Scheme, which was once available in the UK to aid NHS staff and similar key workers to obtain a mortgage, ended in 2019.
There are a range of more general homeownership schemes available which may help NHS staff to secure a mortgage:

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UK Home Ownership Schemes

Help to Buy

The Help to Buy scheme gives applicants access to a government loan of up to 20% of the property value (40% in London). You will need to provide the first 5% of the deposit and when added to the loan, the larger deposit will reduce the Loan to Value of your borrowing from the Mortgage Lender to 75% (55% in London). This will open up more competitive rates and potentially give you the opportunity to buy a higher value property.

Shared Ownership

Housing Associations offer some of their properties for sale through the Shared Ownership Scheme. This allows you to buy a share of your chosen property, as low as 10% and up to 75% initially. You pay rent on the percentage that you do not yet own directly to the housing association, but are able to increase your ownership, as little as 1% at a time, as and when you can afford to.

Right to Buy

The Right to Buy Scheme allows some tenants of local authority or housing association properties the opportunity to buy their rental home. This scheme is subject to UK regional variations and is not available UK-wide. Where available, properties are offered at a large discounts, reducing your borrowing and therefore making repayments on your mortgage much more affordable.


The NewBuy scheme is only available on new build properties. It allows applicants to use a government subsidised mortgage rate, through which they can borrow 95% of the property value at a reduced rate of interest.There are regional caps on the maximum value of home you may purchase through this scheme.

How much can NHS staff borrow?

The fact that you are an NHS employee will not have any impact on how much you can borrow for your mortgage. Mortgage Lenders base their loan calculation on the affordability and creditworthiness of each applicant. The typical borrower can expect an amount between three and five times their annual salary.

Given that the salary range for NHS clinical staff is currently between £20-£45k a rough guide for your loan is going to be between £61,608 and £204,579. This will, of course, depend on your grade and personal affordability criteria. This is per person, so a joint application would result in higher borrowing, if both applicants earn an income.

How Can Mortgage Advice Centre help?

Here at Mortgage Advice Centre, we’ve helped many key workers and NHS employed clients to secure a competitive mortgage deal. Having access to the lenders most likely to provide NHS discounts means that whether you’re a First Time Buyer or Home Mover, we can help you find the mortgage product that offers you the greatest benefits. We appreciate all that you do and acknowledge that your working patterns are non-standard, so will try to accommodate your schedule and be here when you need us.


NHS Mortgages

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