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Home Insurance

A necessity whether you’re a property owner or renting your home, adequate building and contents insurance is crucial in the event of damage, destruction or theft.

At CTA Mortgage Advice Centre we can research much of the insurance market to find an appropriate building and/or contents insurance policy for your property and possessions, whether you own or rent your home. You can choose a policy that also covers specific high-value items, such as sofas, mobile phones and jewellery, as well as providing comprehensive cover for the remainder of your possessions.

Please note that if you’re renting a property you should consider having contents insurance in place.

Life Insurance

Protecting your family with appropriate life insurance cover is critical to provide financial security to your loved ones.

Whatever your financial circumstances, you may find great value in an appropriate life insurance and critical illness cover policy. We cannot predict what is around the corner for ourselves and our loved ones, which is why it’s best to be financially protected with an adequate policy for your needs and family. If there are people that rely on your income, or if you have a mortgage, you should urgently consider taking out life insurance that would cover you in the event of illness or death.

Life cover will pay out either a lump sum or regular income when you die and it can provide financial security for your family or those that depend on you should the worst happen. This payout can support your loved ones to pay off your mortgage or provide an income to cover ongoing household expenditure.

Have you already got life cover? When was the last time you reviewed your policy?

Critical Illness Cover

Protect your assets and ensure financial stability by taking out critical illness cover as early as possible.

Should you become ill and, therefore, unable to work, for a period of time, critical illness cover will pay out a tax-free lump sum to provide financial security at a time when you will need it most.

CTA Mortgage Advice Centre recommends that anybody whose income is relied upon to pay a mortgage or cover ongoing household expenditures, should consider critical illness cover. It’s one of those things we typically don’t think about whilst we’re fit and well, but is vital when the unexpected happens and we need to rely on it.

Critical illness cover is designed to pay out upon the diagnosis of a range of serious conditions, depending on the insurer – something we can help you with, to work out what’s best for you.

Income Protection

Are you reliant on your income to maintain your current lifestyle and financial commitments?

Protecting your income by taking out income protection is a vital option for anybody that has a mortgage, or needs to maintain their current level of income to maintain their existing levels of expenditure.

Income protection is something that will help you financially if you’re unable to work because of illness, injury or loss of earnings. If the unexpected were to happen and you became ill and unable to work, or you lost your job, would you be able to maintain your lifestyle?

At CTA Mortgage Advice Centre we can provide a no-obligation financial review and provide a quote for an income protection policy that is right for your financial circumstances.

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